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How to Enjoy the RV Lifestyle Now – By Workamping!

Burned out from the daily grind and ready to hit the road now?  Is retirement approaching and you’re looking for something to do other than just stare at the camp fire?  Consider Workamping!

Workamping is doing any kind of part-time or full-time work while living in an RV. This lifestyle is a ticket to really enjoying an area of this beautiful country without breaking the bank.

What or Who is a Workamper?

Four Ways to Recruit Workampers

Recruit Workampers!

We hope you have found some success in building your Workamper staff for the upcoming season, but if you still have a few roles to fill, we wanted to remind you of the recruiting options you have available through Workamper News (


A Secret to Keeping Your Workamper Hires

We believe the best thing you can do to help insure stick-ability of your Workamper hires is to stay in constant communication with them - at least monthly, if not weekly from hire date to start date.

Don't over-think it.  It's easy to come up with reasons to send them emails on a regular basis. Send your Workampers...

Meet the Former Viewpoint Editor

Jaimie Hall Bruzenak began full-time RVing and Workamping in 1992. Jaimie was the editor of Workamper Viewpoint for many years, and officially retired from the role in 2015. Since she's the author of many great articles here in the Article Index, we wanted you to know a bit more about her.

What is Workamping?

Nearly all RVers have at least heard the word, and most know what it means...or think they know. However, there are a few misconceptions about who Workampers are and what Workamping is.

The most common misconceptions are that Workampers are retirees who work in campgrounds, and that Workamping just means trading work for a place to park an RV.


When we coined the word Workamper and made it our trademark in 1987, we had no idea that years later it would be so widely used.

Workampers Show Their Desire for Jobs

Via Situations Wanted Ads

Don’t just file away Workamper News magazine when it arrives! Workamper Gold members to Workamper News have, as a benefit of membership, the option to run a 30-word Situations Wanted ad in each issue of Workamper News magazine. Flip towards the back of each issue of the magazine to the Classifieds section.  Here you’ll find these “work wanted” ads. Another resource to help fill your applicant pool!!

Using the Tools of the Game

Marketing your Workamping opportunities by using just one method is similar to playing a round of golf with a limited set of clubs.  The reason there are so many clubs with a normal set of golf clubs is to provide you with the best options for placing your game ball in the location you wish, with the greatest amount of efficiency.  That is exactly how you should go about your Workamper marketing.  Employer Gold members have available the equivalent of a golf bag filled with many clubs.  The key is learning how to use the tools and then effectively utilizing each tool wit


Can you imagine going out to play a round of golf with just two clubs?  Possibly a wood and an iron.  You could feasibly play the game and get around the course, but the likelihood of your score being competitive is not great!

Fill Your Last Minute Openings

The highly successful Hotline was created to give employers immediate access to Workampers in order to fill immediate openings, but it can be used to advertise any kind of position. The Hotline is updated each weekday (Monday through Friday) and is available to Workampers to view for free.

“Thanks to using your Hotline ad, we found a great couple to work for us, again! Your service is second to none. Thank you for all your help.” – TJRV & Boat Storage.


Run an online Hotline Ad!

The Hours Trend

Over the past couple of years, a trend has developed that is hurting the quality of many employers’ Workamper programs: Asking for a trade of hours per week, that if paid, would equal more dollars than what is charged any guest for the long term campsite.

SWO - To Make Your Recruiting Easier

SWO = Situations Wanted Online Ads ran by Workampers.  Think of it as a reverse-engineered Hotline ad system. The Workamper can activate up to 75 words of text in the format of a Situations Wanted ad. This will provide Workampers another tool to more effectively market themselves, and Employers another avenue to discover the right applicant for their future opportunity.

New SWO ads will be posted as they come in and will run for two months. These online ads are in addition to the Situations Wanted ads in Workamper News magazine.


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