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Since it's creation in 1987, Workamper News has had great success connecting thousands of RVers looking for work with Employers all around the US and Canada that want to hire people that can live on site or nearby in an RV.

It is our mission to assist you in the quest of finding that perfect job or that perfect hire, but please understand that subscribing to Workamper News Magazine and/or joining this website does not guarantee that you will find a job or hire that perfect employee.  Also, joining with a certain level of membership does not guarantee you priority over others when it comes to finding a job or hiring a Workamper.

Workamper News is not a hiring agency.  We do not actively play match—maker and attempt to connect Workampers and Employers.  We do not have a review process that Employers go through before becoming a member or advertising - just as there is no review process for Workampers to become a member and create a resume. We are a tool that each party can use to connect with each other, and it is then up to each party to review the opportunity or applicant to see if it's a match.

Workampers: It is up to you to post your resume to the database, view the new job listings posted to our Hotline Jobs webpage or sent via email and to read through the Help Wanted ads in our bi-monthly magazine in order to locate employment opportunities that fit your needs. It is then up to you to make contact with employers you are interested in working for, research the ins and outs of their operation, and/or send them your resume via our Awesome Applicants Resume system.

Employers: It is up to you to build your Employer Tour page, submit Hotline and Help Wanted Ads, search the Awesome Applicants Resume database and read the bi-monthly magazine Situations Wanted ads for Workampers that fit your job requirements.  It is up to you to contact Workampers based on the information provided in their resume or Situations Wanted ad and/or to receive inquiries from Workampers based on the information you provide in your ads, and perform all background checks on anyone you are considering hiring.

Workamper News is not responsible for a Workamper accepting a position then not showing up or not liking it. Nor is Workamper News responsible for Employers hiring a Workamper that doesn't meet their expectations.  Workamper News is not responsible if an Employer provides a work agreement and then either party does not follow through with the details of the agreement.  

Workamper News does not track if/when Employers hire Workampers or who has been hired.  Workamper News does not know when Workampers have accepted a job or have completed a job.

Depending on level of membership chosen, Workampers can advertise themselves to Employers in two main ways: submitting Situations Wanted Ads to run in Workamper News Magazine or on the website, and/or by creating an online resume in the Workamper News Awesome Applicants Resume Database. Your Account including your Awesome Applicants Resume or Employer Tour will be deleted within 6 months of letting your membership lapse.  Any and all unique services of the level chosen will be turned off or terminated the day your membership expires.

Employer members cannot use the Awesome Applicants Resume database as an email or phone number harvesting resource.  If Workamper News website tracking systems or Workamper members alert us that this practice has taken place, the Employer's membership will be suspended pending further review.

Workamper News websites, forums, and magazine are not a place for advertising multi-level or network marketing offers and other "get rich quick" schemes. These types of advertisements are not allowed under any circumstances. The editor reserves the right to refuse access to any entities whose opportunities are not compatible with the Workamper lifestyle.

Employers can advertise themselves to Workamper members in three main ways: Hotline ads which run for 14 days on this website and are sent via email to Workamper members, print ads which are published in Workamper News Magazine, and/or by creating an Employer Tour page on this site (viewable by Diamond & Platinum members only).  Employers can also elect to create a special Featured Employer web page built by Workamper News staff that is available for viewing by anyone visiting the website.  Employers generate their own advertising.  Duties, compensation, and other specific details about your employment opportunities are not reviewed or evaluated by Workamper News.

The Workamper News Magazine advertising deadline is always the 10th day of even numbered months (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec). You must have your advertising submitted by the 10th, if you want your ad published in the current issue.  If ad is submitted after the 10th, it will not run in the current issue but will instead be pushed to the next publication.  Once a magazine ad has been published, revisions cannot be made to either version (print or online).  On this same note, once a Hotline ad is posted, revisions CAN be made to the text posted on the website Hotline Jobs page, but the ad will not be re-sent in the Hotline email.

NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS: Federal laws prohibit employers, with certain carefully defined exceptions, from discriminating because of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation or national origin in the placement of employment advertisements. Because of the defined exceptions, publishers are not required to screen advertising for the purpose of deciding the exemption status of an employer. Workamper News reminds employers that certain discriminatory advertising could subject them to legal action and possible penalties if the employer is under the provisions of the law.

Workamper News publishes Workamper News Magazine bi-monthly (every other month). A yearly membership equates to 6 issues of the magazine.  The magazine is mailed out and posted online on or about the 23rd of even numbered months (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec).  If you have not received your magazine by the 10th of each odd-numbered month, first check with your mail forwarding service or anyone else who has access to your mail, including your local postmaster.

Unforwardable or undeliverable magazines are often returned to Workamper® News. We send the magazine mailing list to our printer and our printer is required by the post office to run the list through the National Change of Address database hosted by the USPS. If your address with the USPS is different from what we submit, then the address may be changed to what is on file with USPS. Please ensure that you have submitted your current address to the US Postal Service.

If you are unable to locate your magazine, please call our office so we can confirm that we have your correct address and to see if your issue has been returned by the Postal Service. There is a charge of a one-issue reduction (35 days) to your membership expiration date to re-mail or replace magazines (unless it is our error, of course).

Workamper News Inc, reserves the right to cancel your membership at any time.

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