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4F-03: Campground Host, Maple Grove Campground


Date Added: 04/12/2019 Location: Fillmore, UT Description: The Maple Grove Campground is located west of Hwy 50 between the rural communities of Salina and Scipio Utah. Situated at the base of the Pahvant mountain range at 6000', the campground is nestled into the oak and maple trees with a beautiful view of the valley below. The mountains directly to the west of the campground soar almost vertically into sandstone cliff and rock outcroppings. Ivie Creek, a stream which runs through the campground, is stocked with catchable trout throughout the ...

Fee Ranger Fall / Winter 2019 - 2020


Date Added: 04/12/2019 Location: San Antonio, NM Description: Requirements :

We need fee rangers for the Oct. 21, 2019  through  February 2020 season.  You must be available for the entire season . 

The Fee Ranger Position requires that you work three days per week, eight hours per day Oct. 22, 2019 through February 29, 2020. Your lunch break will be one hour.

You may be required to have a federal background investigation completed for this position.&nbsp...

Allatoona Lake-Tanyard Creek Boat Ramp


Date Added: 04/12/2019 Location: Cartersville, GA Description: Tanyard Creek Boat Ramp:

Volunteer Park Hosts will live at a host site within the park. On Saturday, Sundays and Holidays park hosts will man the gatehouse for five (5) hours from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM depending on weather. They will assist visitors in using automated fee machine, exchange temporary annual passes for annual passes, issue parking passes and provide visitor information. They will also be responsible for periodically riding through the park, Wedne...

6U: Mount Adams Wilderness Boundary Sign Collection


Date Added: 04/12/2019 Location: Trout Lake, WA Description: Every winter we mark a section of the Mount Adams Wilderness boundary with PVC snow pole signs to reduce motorized incursions into the wilderness. Every summer when the snow has melted, we have to collect those signs and store them for the following winter. We bring the whole wilderness ranger crew out for this, and it is always a good time. As an added benefit, the wildflowers and view along this stretch of trail are quite nice.

Distance: 6-7 Miles Round Trip, min...

6U: Invasive Species Monitoring & Treatment


Date Added: 04/12/2019 Location: Trout Lake, WA Description: This will be the third year we have treated populations of invasive thistles in portions of Mount Adams that burned in the 2013 Cascade Creek Fire. Treatments thus far have been successful, but more follow-through is needed to fully eradicate these populations. These efforts are also producing effectiveness monitoring which is important to building management strategies and funding support for further actions on other invasive populations.

These volunteer events involve walking thr...

1CG: Tom Miner Campground Host


Date Added: 04/12/2019 Location: Gardiner, MT Description: This U.S. Forest Service volunteer position is an opportunity to live on the National Forest, providing public service while hosting and maintaining the 16-site Tom Miner Campground.  Approximately $25 reimbursement for each day served is provided for propane/gas/fuel for cooking and heating.

Tom Miner Campground is a first-come, first-serve campground located on the Custer-Gallatin National Forest, approximately 17 miles northwest of the town of Gardiner, MT and 35 miles sout...

6RR: Campground Hosts - Mill Creek


Date Added: 04/12/2019 Location: Prospect, OR Description: Hosts are on-site representatives of the Forest Service; they welcome campers, answer questions and acquaint visitors with facilities, regulations and fees. Host assists Forest Service staff with the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the campgrounds. Good communication skills, working with and the ability to deal with the public in a friendly and courteous manner are essential.

This position is located along the beautiful Mill Creek in the Mill Creek Campground. This facility...

6MF: Idlewild Campground Host


Date Added: 04/12/2019 Location: Hines, OR Description: One campground host opportunity for the Idlewild Campground located along Highway 395, approximately 20 miles north of Hines in southeastern Oregon is available. Start and end dates may be flexible, but the specific start date would be preferred. 

The campground is located in a dry, open understory ponderosa pine forest. This campground sees use from people traveling through the area who are in need of a convenient place to stay overnight, weekend recreationists...

6MF: Campground Host


Date Added: 04/12/2019 Location: Hines, OR Description: One position for a volunteer campground host at Delintment Lake to start approximately May 13, 2019 and end October 14, 2019 is available. This specific start date is preferred, but both dates can be negotiable.

Delintment Lake is a small, peaceful lake located approximately 44 miles northwest of Hines in southeastern Oregon. During the summer weekends, the lake sees regular use by campers, fishermen, and picnickers. During the fall, big-game hunting season, the camp...

Interpretation/Visitor Services


Date Added: 04/12/2019 Location: Roosevelt , AZ Description: Tonto National Monument is looking for motivated, enthusiastic individuals with a passion for the outdoors, history, and sharing knowledge to volunteer with us for the Summer 2019 season. Tonto National Monument protects two 14th century Salado cliff dwellings. While most known for its cliff dwellings and prehistoric culture, Tonto is also rich in wildlife, botany, geology, pioneer history, and sweeping views of the Sonoran Desert landscape.

Duties: ...


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