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Our Workamping Journey

Just to say thanks for the past 7 years as a Workamper-volunteer.

In 2011, as “Dreamers,” Peg and I began reading the bi-monthly Workamper News Magazine trying to decide if this new thing we had heard about was the thing for us. 

When we joined, we did so as a full member so as to receive the entire membership benefits.

In 2013, we filled out the Awesome Applicants Resume hoping that in the next several months an employer would find our resume of past experiences a fit for their RV park or campground.

Workamping Saved My Husband's Life


We have been members since 1987, when Workamper News was a 4-page, black and white publication. This is just a rough draft of our last 10 years keeping my husband alive and thriving.

We had decided because of Workamping, we were going to retire 10 years early, or rather change our careers.

We had worked in Engineering for 30 years. Our three daughters were put through college and now all married. I applied for a job at a Group Home for foster children at half my pay. We knew we were going to take a cut in pay being a Workamper, but it was well worth it. Unfortunately before my husband could join me we found out he had cancer, and only given a 10 percent chance of survival. 

We sold our home and I got a job at Yellowstone National Park as a Dorm Supervisor. This was the start of our adventure with jobs we found through Workamper.  Because of my experience I was promoted the  very next season to Asst. Personnel Manager. I loved working at Yellowstone, they offer you the opportunity to take classes at Yellowstone University. I also took all the tours for free as an employee. I chaperoned employees to the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole Wyoming, we took them to Bozeman, Montana for their shopping needs. Unfortunately, husband could not handle the cold and his mother was diagnosed with cancer also.

We had purchased a home in Indiana for his mother. We thought we would make it our retirement home. 

Remember, husband couldn't handle the cold. I found my next job at Amazon thanks to Workamper News. I was offered a full-time position. If you work for Amazon a minimum of 6 months and have a spotless record you can transfer anywhere. After mom passed we chose Reno, Nevada. One youngest daughter lived in Salt lake City, Utah and the eldest in Santa Cruz, California we were close to both. Unfortunately, I was injured on the job in Reno. We also realized it's cold and snows in Reno. While we lived in Reno we leased a home on a golf course 

Husband found my next job in Workamper News with Benbow Inn RV park and Golf Resort in Garberville, California north of our daughter. He loves to golf. We were there a year, as I was with my previous Workamper jobs. No snow but plenty of rain, too much moisture.

Our middle daughter lived in Austin, Texas. Plenty of jobs to chose from in Workamper News. First location was Jellystone Hill Country Resorts in Canyon Lake, Texas. Worked spring break until Labor Day. Next was Pecan Park RV Resort. Listed in Southern Living magazine as the number One park in Texas. Was there until the major flood on Memorial Day weekend. Was able to find a job at KOA NW in Austin, the same day in Leander, Texas. They had a need, I needed a place to park the RV on Memorial Day weekend. Daughter relocated to Fort Worth and we followed to be close to our granddaughters.

We have purchased a home here and retired. Kevin was always only steps away from my office. I was an Asst RV Manager and any time Kevin needed me I was there. He has survived 10 years and doing well.  The doctor are impressed since I made him my priority and took him to work with me.  We are enjoying life. Thanks to Workamper News.  - Kevin and Angie Rardon

Our Dream Job

I am a lifetime camper and Girl Scout leader for my daughters through all levels, as well as national scout board member.  When I married my husband, his idea of camping was staying at a Motel 6 rather than the Hilton!  However, we have enjoyed many years of camping in Oklahoma, starting in a pop-up and progressing to a 30 ft trailer.

Questions to Ask an Employer - 2

From Workampers Shari & Robert Elliott

Below are typical questions that an employer would ask a potential employee. Robert and I turn the questions around and ask the potential employer the questions!

We learned some good things from last summer's experience.  Get a written contract with the details of job included as well as the length of time. Most of all, be sure you (the employee) have a real good understanding of the expectations of the employer and of yourself as it relates to the job.


1. What are your strengths?

Putting a Price Tag on Perks

There are two ways to have more money: earn more or spend less. In Workamping terms, earning more comes down to salary, and spending less is the perks that accompany the opportunity. If you don’t spend as much on living expenses, it’s more money in your pocket. But when comparing job opportunities, placing a monetary value on job incentives is tricky.

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