Four Tips for Your Awesome Applicants Resume

Four Tips for Your Awesome Applicants Resume

Is your Awesome Applicants® Resumé working for you?  If not, you may need to do some fine tuning. Let us help with the following tips.

Tip 1: If you do not have photos posted on your resumé, I would encourage you do so. Your photos should be a closeup head and shoulder shot of anyone listed on the resumé, and a profile view of your rig. Keep your photos up to date. If you purchase a new rig, get a quality profile view of the rig on your resumé right away.

Tip 2: Selling yourself should be just what it says! Utilize this section to introduce yourself and share your experience and abilities with future employers. Remember one thing, they are reading many resumés. Your selling points should jump out at the employer helping them answer "Why they should hire you?" over the next person. Take a few moments to review the sample version you will find in the Sell Yourself section of the Resume Builder. This will give you a guideline for structure and sections to include. Since employers have the ability to search the paragraphs of your text for keywords, the Sell Yourself section should also mention past career or work experiences and skills as well as your past Workamper positions and skills. Be sure to keep your resumé updated with most recent Workamping experience.

Tip 3: Take every opportunity to get your resumé in front of an employer who interests you by emailing your resumé. This will take your resumé along with a short personal note directly to the employer's email box. What an awesome way to introduce yourself. You can email your resume from the Resume Builder tool. There is no limit to the number of times you can email your resumé. This feature alone is worth the cost of the Workamper Gold membership!

Tip 4: Once you have accepted a position for the upcoming season, or if you decide you are not planning to work, make sure you update your availability date. This can easily be done by logging in to the website and going to the Resume Builder tool. There's a section for your Availability.  By keeping this current, your resumé will be providing you the ultimate exposure for future Workamping positions.

It is our sincere hope that these tips have been helpful.  I wish you the very best in your future search for that perfect Workamper opportunity.