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edit Getting Started - Workamper Training

We've put together some videos, exercises, and courses to help you learn about Workamping and better determine if the lifestyle is right for you.

edit View Hotline Jobs Webpage & Email

New job listings come in every day.  Access them via our daily Hotline email broadcast and/or website page.

edit Workamping Article Index

Tons of articles on every aspect of the Workamping and RVing lifestyle. Some articles exclusive to Gold members.

edit Workamper Interviews

Advice and perspective from active Workampers via video and audio interviews. Learn from the experiences of others! Some are only available to Gold members.

edit Archive of Recorded Webinars

Recorded webinars are informational videos answering questions about the Workamping lifestyle, introducing you to new experts, and connecting you with other Workampers across the US. Some recordings exclusive to Gold members.

edit Workamper News Magazine - Digital Version (Online)

Each issue of our magazine since 2006 is placed online for those who prefer no mail. Workamper Intro members can access only the current issue. Workamper Gold members can access the full archive.

edit Workamper News Magazine - Printed Version (USPS Mail)

Receive 6 issues per year right to your mailbox to get the latest Workamping articles and job listings.

edit Awesome Applicants Resume Builder

Create your resume for the popular, online database searched by our Employer subscribers. Email or print your resume to get your foot in the door of any operation.

edit Situations Wanted Ads—Print

Run a 30-word ad in each issue of our magazine to advertise yourself to Workamper Employers.

edit Situations Wanted Ads—Online

A 75-word ad published in the Employer's section of the website will advertise your skills and desires for your next Workamping opportunity

edit Member Directory & Locator Map

Find fellow Workampers around you, or contact Workampers who are at a location you are wanting to visit or work at in the future. Plus, track your own travels!

edit Praise Your Employer Tool

Award a star to an Employer you had a positive experience with. Find and contact any Workampers who had a positive experience with an Employer you are considering working for.

edit Employer Tours

Used to research an Employer - a photo tour of the working and living environment provided by the Employer.

edit Workamper Experience Reviews

Workampers can provide feedback about their experience working for a particular employer with this tool.  Then, when researching a job, you can search to learn from other Workampers that have been there before you!

edit Workamper Marketing Training

Workamper Marketing 101 online course with videos and handouts will help you put together a successful personal marketing strategy to have Employers rolling out the red carpet for you.

edit Small Biz RVer School Training

The Small Biz RVer School was created to encourage RVers to develop a small business that can be run while on the road further enabling them to take advantage of extra income potential and tax savings.  The information and resources within will provide you with education and direction to help you take that next step and beyond!

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