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John H. Kerr Reservoir-Rudds Creek Campground Volunteer Maintenance Position


Date Added: 04/24/2018 Location: Boydton, VA Description: (John H. Kerr Reservoir is on the Virginia & North Carolina border)

John H. Kerr Reservoir is a massive 50,000 acre lake located near Boydton, Virginia and extends 39 miles up the Roanoke River along 900 miles of wooded shoreline that stretches across three counties in Virginia and three in North Carolina. Throughout the Kerr Lake area, you can find opportunities to boat, fish, camp, swim, picnic, hike, and hunt. The Corps of Engineers operate four campgrounds and numerous...

5T: Little Grass Valley Reservoir Campground Hosts


Date Added: 04/24/2018 Location: La Porte, CA Description: Campground hosts are needed at several campgrounds at Little Grass Valley Reservoir, which is located approximately three miles north of La Porte, California on the Plumas National Forest in the beautiful northern Sierra Nevada mountains. The recreation complex consists of 8 family campgrounds around the reservoir as well as several day use areas and two boat launches. The Feather River Ranger District is recruiting volunteer campground hosts for Little Beaver, Wyandotte, and ...

Plant Ecology - Noxious Weed Ecology


Date Added: 04/24/2018 Location: Jemez Springs, NM Description: Come join the plant ecology team in surveying for noxious weeds on the Valles Caldera! A large portion of noxious weed management involves preventative measures such as inventory, mapping, and removal prior to ground disturbing treatments. This summer we will be focusing our efforts on South Mountain, one of our remaining intact forests that has not been touched by fire in recent years. In advance of continued climate change and uncharacteristically catastrophic wildfires, the Valles Caldera...

Plant Ecology - Cheatgrass Management


Date Added: 04/24/2018 Location: Jemez Springs, NM Description: Cheatgrass is listed in New Mexico as a Class C noxious weed species which allows management decisions to be determined at the local level based on feasibility of control and level of infestation. Cheatgrass is an introduced, early emerging annual grass native to southern Europe, northern Africa, and southwestern Asia. Currently, population sizes of cheatgrass on the Preserve are at a manageable size meaning there is a realistic chance of greatly reducing current cheatgrass populations and p...

Workamper: Visitor Contact/Nature Store Host, Maintenance Help, Environmental Ed Help


Date Added: 04/24/2018 Location: Wildwood Crest, NJ Description: Assist with/ lead volunteer efforts and serve as a visitor information contact/ Nature Store host & Environmental educator. Possibly maintain and or plant a pollinator (native) garden, assist with closing the beach to protect beach nesting bird habitat. Assist with light maintenance and cleaning etc..... Contact: Brian Braudis or Melanie Winters 609-463-0994

Maintenance Volunteer


Date Added: 04/24/2018 Location: Pennsville, NJ Description: Assist with maintenance. This refuge is in need of trail maintenance, native pollinator garden work (that is interpreted) along with garden maintenance,  weed/invasive plant control and general upkeep. Opportunities for environmental education, nature/interpretive walks may exist as secondary activities to maintenance.

Call Headquarters for more info: 609-463-0994


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