Ebook - Go Full-Time Guided Planner & Workbook


- Digital Version (PDF) -

Plan an amazing RV adventure!  This planner was designed to help you stay organized and keep your plans on track while planning to hit the road full-time. It contains some helpful tips and general information on items like establishing your domicile, mail forwarding, budgeting, and buying an RV. Included is a variety of worksheets and fill-in-the-blank areas where you can track your research, thoughts, notes, and more. The last several pages contain a blank calendar and a blank planning list. Use these to plan the items you need to complete to get on the road, and keep track of when you complete them.

Ebook version for reading on your electronic reading device like a Kindle, Nook, iPad, Smart Phone, or your computer! Once you purchase this ebook - login to www.workamper.com and click on the My University button on your Dashboard. The ebook will be in the RV Lifestyle section.  You will always be able to access it via the My University button.

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