The Secrets to a Happy Workamping Experience

Why are "Joe & Martha Workamper" having the times of their lives living the Workamping lifestyle? Watch and listen in as Steve Anderson, Workamping Coach, interviews Joe & Martha to learn about their secrets.

We introduce you to the real Joe & Martha during this event and learn their secrets to success. They share about how to have the most awesome Workamping experiences, and what they do to make themselves indispensable to their Employers.

This event is a follow-up to the Transform Your Workamping Future coaching series presented live by Steve Anderson, WKN President and Workamping Coach. The recording is open to everyone and your only cost will be your time and the effort you will want to put in to implement what you learn for your own future benefit.

To take part in the Transform Your Workamping Future series, visit the University section of the Store after you watch this recording.

July 25, 2019

We recently updated a Frequently Asked Question by Workampers...

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