How to Earn $$ On the Road or at Home as a Mobile RV Tech


Hear it right from the horse's mouth!  Terry Cooper, the Texas RV Professor and President of the National RV Training Academy in Athens, Texas, will be discussing the great opportunity for Mobile RV Technicians in today's market.  He will share how you can earn $$$ helping others, regardless of if you are living in a sticks n' bricks home or RVing.

The RV industry is not keeping up with the demand for quality troubleshooting and repair of RVs, and we will probably see a number of the RV dealerships go out of business during this economic downturn.  People will still need to have their RVs repaired and, chances are, we will see even more folks adopting the RVing lifestyle because they chose to or had to out of necessity.  The market will continue to grow to provide even more demand for trained, quality, Mobile RV Technicians.

July 16, 2021

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