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The Grand Canyon Association offers excellent employment opportunities that allow our staff to work among some of the world’s most beautiful scenery and come in contact with travelers from all over the world.


Jobs and Opportunities

Though the Grand Canyon’s scenery is unparalleled, it is remote. Applicants should be prepared to live and work in an isolated environment.

Most Grand Canyon Association offices and bookstores are located on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park in northwest Arizona, approximately 60 miles north of Williams and 85 miles northwest of Flagstaff at an elevation of 7,000 feet.

There is no convenient public transportation from the park to Flagstaff or Williams.

Average temperatures at the South Rim range from 85°F in the summer to 17°F in the winter.

Grand Canyon Village has schools for K–12, a daycare center, a post office, general store, banking facilities, churches, a recreation center, a clinic with resident physicians and several restaurants.

The park community consists of approximately 2,000 people, including employees of the National Park Service, Grand Canyon Association, and concessionaires, as well as their families. There may be employment opportunities for family members in the park and surrounding areas. The park community is small enough that many employees choose to walk or bike from their homes to work.


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Grand Canyon Association has a new online application process. We are currently accepting applications for seasonal retail positions (Visitor Experience Specialist) for Summer 2018. Please visit our website at: to apply.