Workamper Job Listings for FREE!

A big change was made back in September, and now all Workampers anywhere can access new Workamper job listings for FREE!

To simplify and provide more benefits to Workampers like you, we now have two membership levels instead of four.

Intro members will also still have access to tools like the helpful videos in the Media Library, the articles in the Article Index, and the various online courses we’ve provided to you to help you determine if this lifestyle is right for you – but now you will be able to review the current issue of our magazine online and receive the daily Hotline Jobs email too!

Having access to additional job listings will help you further your research on the lifestyle and give you confidence to move forward knowing there are opportunities out there that fit your desired locations and financial needs.

Here are the resources and tools provided with the Workamper Intro membership:

  • Current issue of Workamper News magazine online (viewable 7 days after the new issue has been posted)
  • Daily (weekday) Hotline Email including all job listings for that day
  • Hotline Jobs website page showing job listings from last 14 days
  • Dreamer Exercises
  • 101 Questions to answer before beginning Workamping/RVing
  • Four Steps to Freedom (online course)
  • Educational videos/recorded webinars in the Media Library
  • Helpful articles in the Article Index

If you joined as a member before September 2016, to turn on the Daily Hotline Jobs email, you will need to login here to  Click on the Manage Account button on the upper right of your Dashboard. Then click any of the [edit] links. Scroll to the Communication Preferences section and check the boxes for the emails you would like to turn on. Then click the Save button.

The Intro membership is a great place to start if you’re just dreaming about the lifestyle and are a few years out.  When you’re ready to start applying for Workamping positions and jump in, then you’ll want to upgrade to the Gold membership to have everything you’ll need to find the right job for you and make your Workamping adventure a success!

The new Gold membership level has a lower level of financial investment (at just $39.95 or $47/year) and includes all the features available via, including:

  • Everything listed above with the Intro membership level
  • Hotline Job Alert Emails by State (select only your desired states)
  • Daily (weekday) Hotline Email including all job listings for that day
  • Hotline Jobs website page showing job listings from last 14 days
  • Priority access to the current issue of the magazine online
  • Full Archive of Workamper News magazine online (60+ issues)
  • Awesome Applicants Online Resume Builder
  • Situations Wanted ONLINE ads
  • Member Map & Workamper Profile
  • Praise Your Employer (employer research tool)
  • Workamper Experiences forum (employer research tool)
  • Employer Tours (employer research tool)
  • Members-only articles in the Article Index
  • Members-only educational videos in the Media Library
  • Gold Member Roundtable & Ask the Expert Videos
  • Workamper Marketing 101 course (online)
  • Small Biz RVer School - resources, live & recorded events

With the tools of Workamper News Gold membership, you have everything you need to find the right job for you and learn how you can lead a successful Workamping lifestyle.

And on the other side of the fence...

Employer memberships have also been simplified down to two levels - Intro and Gold.  We also lowered the cost of our extremely popular Hotline Ad system and lowered the rate to advertise in our magazine - "the Sear's catalog of Workamping."

Plus, with the job listings now open to any Workamper for free - the audience of your help wanted ad has expanded greatly!

As always, if you have any questions regarding your membership or hiring Workampers, please give our office a call at 800-446-5627or send an email to


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